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What if none of my staff earn over £10,000 per year, £833 per month or £192 per week?

If none of your staff are:

  • aged between 22 up to State Pension Age
  • and earn over £10,000 per year, or £833 per month or, £192 per week

you do not have to put them into a pension scheme unless they ask to be put into one.

Whether you have staff to put into a scheme or not, you still have certain duties.

You have a legal duty to complete your declaration of compliance to tell us how you've met those duties.

Each time you pay your staff (including new starters) you will need to monitor any changes in their age or earnings. You must put them into a pension scheme and write to them within six weeks from the day they meet the age and earnings criteria.

Find out more about who to put into a pension scheme.

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