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Do I need to put a staff member into a pension scheme when they meet the earnings threshold on a one off basis eg as a result of a bonus?

If your member of staff meets the earnings threshold due to receiving a bonus, you can choose to use postponement which means you can delay putting them into a pension scheme for up to three months. At the end of the postponement period, you will need to assess their earnings again to see if they meet the earnings threshold and if they do you will need to put them into a pension scheme and pay into it.

If any of your staff write to you asking to join a pension scheme during the postponement period, you must put them into one once you have received their request.

You will have to pay into the pension scheme if they are:

  • aged 16-74
  • and earn at least £520 a month or £120 per week.

Find out more about postponement.

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