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What has changed in the declaration of compliance online service?

Our declaration of compliance website has undergone a refresh and includes the following changes:

  • we have listened to customer feedback and made content refinements where needed to the overall user journey
  • made the site more accessible making sure the site can be used by as many people as possible
  • introduced significant visual changes
  • the new ‘duties tasklist’ page helps you understand which sections are complete/
    • the tasklist navigation located on the right of each section allows you to easily move between tasks
  • improved the way you can view and/or edit a previously submitted declaration/re-declaration
  • our improved service now includes an email rather than a letter confirming that you've completed a declaration of compliance
  • introduced a new ‘print for records’ button so you can choose to either print or create an electronic copy (PDF) of the declaration
  • what hasn’t changed is the fundamental service.

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