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If I have staff who are on a temporary or fixed term contract do I have to put them into a pension scheme?

If you employ staff whose hours vary, pay goes up or down, are seasonal workers, or are on a temporary or short-term contract, then  the legal duties will still apply to you. What duties you will have towards them will depend on their ages and earnings.

From your duties start date or a member of staff's first day of employment, you must work out whether you need to put them into a pension scheme based on their ages and how much they earn. Even if the number of people you employ varies, or they have fluctuating hours and pay, you must assess them individually each time you run your payroll.

Any staff that are aged between 22 up to state pension age and earn over £192 a week or £833 a month must be put into a pension scheme which you must contribute towards.

You can delay working out who to put into a pension scheme for some or all of the people you employ for up to three months. This is known as ‘postponement’.

Use our online tool to understand the specific steps you need to take. We also have more information in employing seasonal workers and staff who have fluctuating hours and pay

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