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Do I have to complete a declaration just once within the deadline or does it have to be done every three years?

You need to complete your first declaration of compliance within five calendar months of your duties start date or staging date.

Every three years, when you complete your re-enrolment duties, you will also need to submit a re-declaration of compliance to tell us what you have done at re-enrolment. You must complete your re-declaration even if you don’t have any staff to put back into your pension scheme.  

Your re-declaration will need to be completed within five calendar months of the third anniversary of your duties start date or staging date regardless of the date you choose as your re-enrolment date. You will then need to do this again in another three year’s time.

For example, if your duties start date or staging date was 1 September 2016, you would need to complete your re-declaration by 31 January 2020.

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