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Returned Mail Received

When a notice is undeliverable by Royal Mail or returned to sender by the occupants of a property the envelope is marked with a return reason:


Addressee gone away     

The notice has been returned because the organisation is no longer contactable at the address used.


Addressee unknown        

The person delivering/the employer receiving is unclear as to who is supposed to receive this notice or the addressee is not known.


Incorrect or incomplete address

The person delivering is unable to establish the correct location based on the address provided.


The building no longer exists    

The person delivering is aware of the address, but confirms that it no longer remains.


Delivery Refused

The initial recipient of the Notice has told the person delivering they do not wish to take delivery of the item.


Address inaccessible

The person delivering has found the address, but is unable to deliver the Notice due to a reason (specified).

The process you must follow depends on the type of letter or notice that has been returned.

Select the type of correspondence that has been returned to follow the process:

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